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Re: PCB etching service

> The greatest difficulty I've found is getting a PCB manufacturer who can
> work with artwork other than that generated by a PCB cad package.

W.o.e would anyone want that ?

> RAK will take an emailed image file (perversely, we found jointly that an
> image pasted into a word document was the best interface!!) and create a
> board for you. I did not ask them to drill it as I wanted to keep the price
> down. Again most suppliers need a drill file from a cad package before they
> will drill for you.

What were RAK like in quality terms (and to deal with), as a matter of interest ?

> I suspect that a 'kitchen sink' method as suggested by others will be the
> most cost effective for you.

Possibly true, but only if your time is free. Personally I'd rather pay for the
quality of a manufactured pth tinned silk-screened board rather than the
dubious quality I'd be able to produce at home, especially if doing the lining
by hand rather than by CAD.