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Re: PCB etching service

Dave Plowman (News) wrote:
> In article <>,
> Boo <> wrote:
>> AFAIK Maplins don't make PCBs though they ?used to? sell the stuff
>> needed to make them before they turned into a toy shop.

> They still appear to sell the bits needed.
>> Olimex <> can make a one off for $33
>> if double sided pth is OK, otherwise they quote $26 for a single sided
>> board.

> I'm not sure using a US company would be cost effective?

AFAIK Olimex are Bulgarian ? They quote airmail shipping to Europe as follows :
"Airmail parcel USD $6,00 (5-14 days)" other, much more expensive options are

Dunno why their prices are in USD - presumably that's where they see their market.