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Bob Minchin
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Re: PCB etching service

"Boo" <> wrote in message .
> Thanks, hmm looks a bit pricey for what I'm doing. We used to have a
> service at University which would etch say a 100x100 single side board
> for about 5. I thought it would be the type of thing that Maplin would
> do pretty much over the counter if you provided the artwork...

AFAIK Maplins don't make PCBs though they ?used to? sell the stuff needed to
make them before they turned into a toy shop.

Olimex <> can make a one off for $33 if
double sided pth is OK, otherwise they quote $26 for a single sided board.

Also worth looking at RAK <>.

I've never used either of these suppliers but Olimex in particular does have
their adherents so are probably worth a punt.



The greatest difficulty I've found is getting a PCB manufacturer who can
work with artwork other than that generated by a PCB cad package.
RAK will take an emailed image file (perversely, we found jointly that an
image pasted into a word document was the best interface!!) and create a
board for you. I did not ask them to drill it as I wanted to keep the price
down. Again most suppliers need a drill file from a cad package before they
will drill for you.

I suspect that a 'kitchen sink' method as suggested by others will be the
most cost effective for you.