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Tony Jeffree
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Re: PCB etching service

On Wed, 03 Jan 2007 15:36:35 +0000, Lee Griffiths
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>Thanks, hmm looks a bit pricey for what I'm doing. We used to have a
>service at University which would etch say a 100x100 single side board
>for about 5. I thought it would be the type of thing that Maplin would
>do pretty much over the counter if you provided the artwork...

If it is something relatively simple, you might try the "laser printer
transfer" technique - print the track layout onto inkjet glossy photo
paper but in a laser printer, then place the print face down on the
copper clad board and fuse the laser tonet onto the board with a
domestic iron. Soak afterwards in warm water and you can strip away
the paper leaving just the toner tracks. Getting the board clean and
degreased is essential though otherwise the toner doesn't stick

The laser toner is a very effective resist, so you can then dip it in
your fave etchant (Ferric cloride for example) and 15 mins later you
have an etched board that you can drill with a Dremel etc. I've used
this technique for small boards that don't have particularly fine or
complex track patterns - works pretty well. The hole drilling is a
pain though.