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These compound/complex sentences make my brain hurt.

Yes. That's what I've seen.

No...I didn't generally balance with my TP205 BEFORE charging...I used it while charging.

For some time now, I've been charging without using a balancer at all; simply monitoring the voltage state (and IR) of the cells and doing what seemed necessary. If a discharged pack was balanced when I checked it, I charged at 1C. If it was out of balance by 0.03 or so, I'd slow charge for about fifteen minutes, or until cell voltages hit about 3.7, and if they were within 0.01 V, I'd run the rate up to 1C and finish the charge. In every case, the packs have reached full charge in an apparently balanced state..."apparently" because the only thing I know to do to measure pack balance is to use a DVM and check cell voltages. Other posters have different ideas, but I can't see what it is that we're supposed to measure to tell us if this state they're talking about has been reached or not.

I admit this is just experimentation on my part, and I may very well wreck a cell or two doing it. It is odd to keep hearing people declare that I'm not seeing what I'm seeing or that I'm wrong about this "balance" thing. Well, so far it's working and it doesn't seem to care what anybody thinks about it. Anyway, it's created a sort of minor cottage industry... should advertise them as "Nature's-Way Organically Balanced lipo packs".
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