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And what good does a balancer do? It doesn't change the state of the cells, it simply artificially brings the voltages to the same level...but the internal problem is still there. When the pack reaches discharged state, as Charles says, the imbalance will be at the max. Seems as if the most important role the balancer plays is at the very end of the charge, where it would be fighting to keep the high cells from going past 4.2 V.

As to the "unconditional 'NO'", I've seen otherwise. I've watched cells go from a state of being out of balance by several hundredths of a volt to being within a hundredth after a quarter of an hour at a quarter of an amp...and at the end of a normal charge past that point, they reached normal terrminal voltages without actually witnessed on my DVM. Nothing about the internal condition of the cells changed, but going by the only criteria I've got...measured voltages...those cells balanced. So the answer may not be an unconditional "no"; I'm simply speaking from my own experience and waiting for somebody with more experience and less ignorance to enlighten me otherwise...but I notice that iammy has vanished, so what's the point?
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