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2 secs and it freeze, okey, i see.

but a model usually dont reboot, maybe could be more realistic if it just stop in the floor (like aerofly or fms) instead making a virtual reboot in the floor (like a chewing gum).
I mean that seems more realistic: or a full reboot until it stop, or never reboot.

bcos its very ugly see that heli stop in the middle of the air, it has no sense in the first impression. it seems like the sim is badly designed.

and about the full screen: full screen means more pixels, and more FPS, without anoying bars at the top and the bottom of the screen. its not possible with java that feature?

is like try to play hl2 or any other 3D game in a window. That's not fully inmersive, is just ugly.

sorry about my bad english.
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