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What I've seen repeatedly for these packs is that charging for about 15 minutes at 250 mA brings all cells to within 0.01V
What you are observing is the difference in imbalance between a discharged and more fully charged pack.

When a LiPoly is discharged imbalance will be at its' worse. Most often if you check a pack with cells at 3.5-3.7 and then charge at 1C until they are at 4.0 -4.1 you will see a major improvement in balance.

Several of us have slow charged LiPolys for 10 hours or more and the only improvement in balance was due to the voltage increase.

Ni batteries are balance by overcharging at a slow rate. This does not work with LiPolys.

Snip from a Feb. '05 post of mine. Note this was a very tired 6C pack.

Discharged pack to 8.76 @ 1.25 Ah on AF109.
Added taps and checked voltages.
Difference 0.22 volts

Charged at 0.9Ah (0.75C) on Triton to 12.3(Li Ion setting.
4.09 plus 0.42
4.05 plus 0.60
4.09 plus 0.42
Difference 0.04 volts.
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