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Just one more flight...
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Artwolf, hey thanks so much man!

Right, right I see what you are saying. Yeah, I think the F-22 does have more wing area than the F-117 of equal size... not sure yet, my buddy Al does all those exact calculations when I am all done.

I had been wanting to post that info for a few months now on the sizes and what I think is best for these types of jets... Basically I am trying to find what is the ideal airframe size that fits everyone most common equipment?

- Most guys have and want 1300 rather than 2200...
- Most guys want outrunners for 13-15 oz planes rather than bigger motors for a 20oz plane...
- Most guys use 55s and 56s servos
- Most guys prefer jet props at the 5x5 and 6x4 size, not the bigger props, etc.

So yeah, I really like how the smaller jets are working compared to their larger counter parts!
Just got in from test flying M-3 again and here is what I have concluded:

- With dual rates ON the plane is much more scale like in the air. It does its thrust vectoring thing much smoother and will "hang" in the air better like the real ones do. The extra wing loading is giving it that ability.

- With dual rates OFF the plane is now the fastest, blurriest plane I have flown. Does rolls so fast the unpainted wings disappear! Can't even see them! And the flips/loops just keep going. It will flip and flip all the way to the ground.

It has the ability to really preform. I have to fly mostly with dual rates on until I do all the tricks up high.

I just got my camera back today and hope to post some video here soon...
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