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Just one more flight...
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Thanks Artwolf. Yes, a LSPJ would make this thing go like lighting. There is not much drag on it and it really shows in the air.

Unfortunately I won't have any plans for it. The friend who did the F-117 CAD plans for me is no longer available, and I have too many projects backed up to learn CAD right now.

Actually the wing loading is HEAVIER on this small F-22 and on the 75% F-117 compared to their larger counterparts. I thought about this, and tested this alot in the past 6 months and here is what I am going with:

LIGHTER WING LOADING: For my slow floaty 3D planes, lighter is better. It will fly slower and do its stunts much quicker. This is the objective for a slow flying SkyRider or YAK or something like this...

HIGHER WING LOADING: For my jets I like the higher (heavier) wing loading much better! When I have a jet that is too light, it wants to float around and go slow. But then, the wings and control surfaces aren't made for slow flying so it goes in and out of stalling.

When I have a jet that is heavier (or shrunken down to be "appear" heavier) the plane acts much more like a real jet!
- First, it now has enough weight, mass, inertia for better air penetration. Its not getting tossed around as much.
- It makes for a better faster smother flight. It gets moving and stays that way.
- Landing are more graceful. It wants to come in and land like a real jet. Not float in and do a little flare up, and a drop landing. Thats what I want my 3D planes to do.
- And for thrust vectoring I personally like it better heavier (or smaller) I have found. In a real scale TV plane when they jam their tail down and kick their nose up, they "walk" across the air with their bellies facing forward. They are so heavier, they are like a flying freight trains! The momentum carries them through the air:

So I found with the smaller one (heavier per sq in.) I can actually get the performance that I prefer... some guys may like it the other way around and thats great! It always nice to have variety in the air. But this is what I found, what I like, and what I am going with.
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