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Just one more flight...
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Flew M-3 today. Here's the specs on it:

- 22x30 inches
- 14 oz with a 3oz, 3cell 1320
- 400F Outrunner motor with a 6x4

- It was much faster and flew real nice at half throttle.
- It had a great no-power-glide
- The roll rate was WAY to fast, even for me! I had it on dual rates most of the time.
- The thrust vectoring worked even better on this smaller, heavier per sq in plane... I'll reveal the thrust vectoring system as it gets closer to kit release. Don't say nothin if you know or think you know how it works please.
- Its only a few pieces of foam, notched together but its very strong.

I definitely like the smaller version WAY better than the bigger one. The higher wing loading made it much more jet like! When I went to do TV the plane had more weight and momentum and would "Bulldoze" through the air better like full size TV planes.

When I had the bigger lighter per sq in M-1 and M-2, they were too "kite-like" for me.

All around the flight performance is much better (in my opinion) than my larger ones. M-4 and M-5 will be off of this size class.

Still got more to do, but its dialing in real nice.
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