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Creating fake 'Miniature' environments

Creating fake 'Miniature' environments ( this original link is now borken )

New/different tutorial: How to Create a Tilt-Shift Lens Miniature effect in Photoshop CS for Windows.

I've been having some fun with some of your AP photos.

Anyone else like to share one of there pics made into Mr. Rogers neighborhood?


Instructions for gimp
Originally Posted by Shpook
It's actually relatively simple.

Load your image.
Create a new layer, set to transparency.
Right click on the new layer and select "Add layer mask..."
Set the layer mask to "White(full opacity)"
Make sure you have the foreground color set to white, and the background set to black.
Select the gradient tool, then the "FG to BG (RGB)" gradient, and the shape to "bi-linear".
Make your selection. Willhaney's site has good information on how to make your selection.
Invert the selection.
Select the background image(base layer).
Select the filter Gaussian Blur, and set the value to somewhere around 15. Run the filter.
Remove the selection, and go to Colors->Brightness-Contrast. Set Contrast to between 10-15.
Now go to Colors->Hue-Saturation, Colors->Curves, or Colors-Levels, and play around till satisfied.

This is really the only way to mimick Photoshop's Edit Quick Mask with GIMP. Of course, play around with the values, see what you come up with.
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