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Originally Posted by NoFlyZone
That's a feature with every ES I've seen and/or built. The home position of the tail assembly is slightly off vertical. You have to cant it ever so slightly when gluing it down to get it dead straight. That's also why I use epoxy on the tail... to fill in the slight gap when you cant the stabilizer to 'verticalize' it
I thought epoxy wouldn't bond to elapor, and we had to use medium CA with kicker? I guess not though, since you're saying you successfuly have used epoxy for the tail of your EasyStar. I wish I had known that, as the CA for my tail set before I could fully get the empannage down into it's intended position (thus my decelage (sp?) angle is lower than specified). Oh well, it flies!

That EasyStar is one NICE plane, ain't it?

Chuck, you ain't kidding. I'm somewhat embarrased to admit I bought my first RC glider kit 9 years ago (a complicated balsa kit), and I've [very]intermittently tried to get this hobby going me ever since then. It wasn't until I got this EasyStar last week that I finally was able to fly [with regular, repeated success] on my own, pretty much just like I'd originally envisioned.

Yesterday evening I was circling (gliding) high over a rice paddy, in still air, when two egrets on their way home came gliding over the field, diverted towards me and then broke off into a circling turn, momentarily joining up with the turning EasyStar. My wife was like, "They're responding to it!". After 3/4 of a turn they leveled out and continued gliding on. I had to keep circling so I didn't try to fly with them or anything. I didn't want to freak them out anyway -- they were doing their thing in the beautiful Yuletide dusk air, I was doing mine, and peace and goodwill towards all creatures reigned as we continued about our individual tasks.

It was so ****ing cool. It was like a dream.
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