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Originally Posted by dmt
The tailfeathers look pretty durn straight, but upon re-examination, the vertical stab is perhaps canted a hair to the right [when viewed from the front, looking towards the tail]. I can't really decide if that would make it turn right or left though.
That's a feature with every ES I've seen and/or built. The home position of the tail assembly is slightly off vertical. You have to cant it ever so slightly when gluing it down to get it dead straight. That's also why I use epoxy on the tail... to fill in the slight gap when you cant the stabilizer to 'verticalize' it (for lack of a better term, I just make them up)...

The EasyStar is a pusher design, so I thought that might explain the need for left rudder trim (as tractors require right rudder), but I don't have to dial out the left trim during a glide, so I guess it's a permanent feature of the aircraft as built (or perhaps the servos aren't truly adjusted for neutral? -- though they look welll-positioned to me).
The servos might be centered, but you just might not have the control surfaces in the same plane as the rudder and/or elevator prior to trimming it in the air. Another possibility is that the motor thrust line is slightly off the centerline axis of the plane.

That EasyStar is one NICE plane, ain't it?

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