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Originally Posted by saucerguy
Your COG is too far back, you'll want it close to the leading edge of the wing, at least in the early stages of flight, move it per the manufactures specs after you get used to it being a bit nose heavy, it will glide, but not like a chuck glider and you should be able to center your trim at that point.

Having to trim it to the left is showing me that's something is out of alignment on the plane, you normally have to trim to the right, but then again, the trim elements in any plane are usually something you have to stay on top of from time to time regardless, I prefer having it manually trimmed out rather then making the radio do the work for you, this will maximize your control surfaces so you aren't limited what you can do, horizontal stab as you mentioned is case in point.
saucerguy, thanks.

I'll try moving the battery all the way forward (it's almost all the way forward now, but it could go a few mm farther in).

The tailfeathers look pretty durn straight, but upon re-examination, the vertical stab is perhaps canted a hair to the right [when viewed from the front, looking towards the tail]. I can't really decide if that would make it turn right or left though.

The EasyStar is a pusher design, so I thought that might explain the need for left rudder trim (as tractors require right rudder), but I don't have to dial out the left trim during a glide, so I guess it's a permanent feature of the aircraft as built (or perhaps the servos aren't truly adjusted for neutral? -- though they look welll-positioned to me).

I can see how one would want to fix the problems with proper CG and airframe alighnment, for best flight performance. I have to say though (while never having flown another EasyStar to compare it too), that it is flying like a dream as is. I gave it another four flights this morning and I'm really, really enjoying it. At one point I found some lift and was able to stay up indefinitely [with power off].

Anyway..., I will move the battery that little bit forward that it can go, and see how that effects things.
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