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Trim and CG Questions after flying my EasyStar a bit

Hello and Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning was almost no wind, so I took my new toy (Easy Star RTF) out for it's 3rd day of flying. I'm having a lot of fun flying it, but as I start to get some experience here, I'm wanting to deal with some issues that have been on my mind:

1) I have to fly with a lot of down trim. Almost max. It flies fine, but from what I read on the forums, a good glide or level flight at 2/3rds power should be approx. neutral. Do I need to move the CG forward? The plane seems to balance at 5mm forward of the rear of the spar box, as recomended. The battery pack is almost (but not quite) all the way forward in the fuselage.

A big concern of mine is that I used CA and Zap Kicker when mounting the empannage, and wasn't able to get it fully down and into position before the glue froze it. The result is that the angle of the horizontal stabilizer is essentially flat, as opposed to being pointed down somewhat as the instructions direct. I was worried that the tail would thus produce less tail down force, but the real-world response of my plane is that the nose would be too high with neutral trim.

Glide behavior and landing behavior is very docile. I'm pleased with the peformance as is too, but I would like the aircraft flying as well as possible, plus have more room for more down trim if conditions warranted (like I said, my trim throw is pretty much near max down for just normal flying).

2) I also have to use left rudder trim (even power off, but less so then), though the tail and everything else appears to be mounted straight.

3) Gliding around today near the base of a cloud, the nose of my plane suddenly lifted up, and then dropped down quite a bit (must have stalled). What's up with that? I'm guessing I ran directly into some lift (as opposed to a wing lifting, which is what I expected to happen based on reading about how to detect thermals)...
I circled around and flew back through the same area and it happened again.

Thanks for any help.
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