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After doing a lot of crash testing(stalls with in 5ft of the ground etc). I've found that the when the fuselage is just velcroed on, it flexes too much and often snaps. Sure its easy to fix, but a pain if your a beginner. So I'm cutting the rx bay hole through to the top and covering the bottom, then glueing the fuselage on.
Also, after the plane is ballanced and the batt slot is cut, you can cut a slot under the fuselage and insert a carbon fiber rod, about .070-.080, to keep it from snaping on hard impacts.
My Slo-Cat Boomer has crashed alot more and bounced, but the fuselage is shorter and it takes the exact crash, with a side load to snap it. But it usually snaps clean and just a bit of glue and its looks like new.
Also, I've found that 3-M makes a EPP glue, designed for EPP. its Scotch-Grip 4693-H plastic adhesive. It works like contact adhesive and bonds in minutes, but I usually let it dry overnight. Butch
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