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Just one more flight...
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Just got back from a few hours of testing.

I cut the plane down, about 1/2 inch at time, a few ounces at a time, 4 times. What I ended up with is a 14 oz plane, with a cheap small fast outrunner with a 6x4 (enough to make it go straight up) and a 3oz, 3 cell 1300 battery.

- The airframe was much stronger being smaller and would roll lots faster.
- The pitch was very fast and steady as well.
- The "super flips" were almost too fast (I guess I can just go easy on it) as it not have the size, weight, and inertia of the larger M-2 and M-1 to slow it down and make it more graceful.
- It was very quick and flippy when you wanted it to, but steady and smooth when you flew it normally.
- Down low it would fly nice and smooth and was perfectly controllable.
- The landings were a little quicker but it still floats and glides nice with the power off.

It was just as the smaller 75% F-117 compared it to the larger one.

The testing on this one ("M-2.5" I call it, cause I just chopped M-2 down) was successful enough to tell me to make M-3 at about 75-80% of the original 26x36, 18oz one...
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