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Originally Posted by bz1mcr
The reason the current plane needs a 9-6 to go vertical is it has a very slow motor. The Hacker A20-20L Has a Kv of only 1022. It also weighs 57 g. I have customers flying 19 oz strykers with a 28g motor and a 6-5 prop at over 100 mph. A vertical hand launch will put it at the limits of sight in 6 seconds straight up. I admit that is extreme and beyound what you want, but you should go in that direction.
Wow, yes, I agree. Ideally I want this plane to fly with a prop in the neighborhood of a fast 6 inch prop. That was best for all the different motors, props, and sizes we tried for the F-117 too. A high KV on a 6 inch prop.
Originally Posted by bz1mcr
I don't think you necessarily need a smaller plane, but you definately need a higher Kv motor. And of course lighter is always good also.
I think if you tried a Komodo 2407-12 you would really like it.
Yes, the Komodo 2407-12 would be way better for this size plane than this large slow Hacker, that’s for sure…

What I am up to next is finding if this size plane (26x36, 17-20oz) is even the ideal size for such a plane?!

I found that the smaller F-117 flies better than the big one, and the larger SkyRiders flew better than the small ones, regardless of their weight, motor, or prop. Its just that certain airframes are happier at certain sizes I've learned. Which is weird and unexpected. I would have thought that a larger, lighter F-117 would fly better than a smaller heavier one… nope.

I am curious about a smaller F-22 airframe. I have a smaller faster Outrunner that flies my 12-14oz, 75% F-117 real fast with a 6x4 prop. I will be experimenting with a few different motors/props as I make the plane smaller. Its really the no power glide landing that tells me what size is best for the particular airframe.

I'll know a lot more after I chop it down and do a bunch of experiments. Then I'll get me a nice fast motor that fits it just right.

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