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Just one more flight...
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I guess I'll post some updates here as it comes along...

Now is the point in the development stage where I have to fly it every day and see where it needs improvement.

At its current size (26x36, 18oz) it wants a 9x6 to go vertical. For me its kind of a big prop for a pusher jet. I would like to go with a prop somewhere between a 6x3 to a 8x6, ideally.

What I am going to do is take this one (M-2) and chop it down. I will take the under side body plate off (which is just one piece), cut a few inches off the nose, etc. Then see how it goes with a lighter smaller body... Much like I did with the SkyRider development to find the ideal wing loading, prop, motor size:

Then I will put a bunch of lines every 1/2 inch on the wingtips and cut the wing tips down 1/2 inch at time (flight after flight) and see just how small I can get this thing?!

I would like to get it down to a 18x28ish size plane and be around 14-16oz... this will let me put a smaller, faster prop/motor on it.

I'll post my results in the next couple days and see how small I can get this thing...
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