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Had a chance to get her in the air today. Never made it to 55 degrees, more like 46 and overcast but the winds were pretty calm.

I'll begin with the final specs for my modded version:
material - FFF (Protection Board) skinned
scale - 118% (23" wingspan, 19" fuse)
motor - hexTronik 24g outrunner
ESC - hexTronik 9g
servos - 3 GWS Pico-BB
recever - GWS Pico 4ch
battery - hexTronik 460mAh 3s1p, 620mAh 3s1p
weight - naked 2.5oz, AUW (w/battery) 7.25oz

Brought the e-flight minimum to the park which consisted of the Little Go Bipe, radio, and two battery packs. Performed a range check, and glad I did! Anything more than 5' away from the plane and the servos had a mind of their own. This was quickly narrowed down and was none unexpected. Because of the very tight quarters in the fuselage I had mounted the receiver right next to the bundle of ESC AND servo wires. A two minute trip home and five minutes to get the receiver mounted to the underside of the bottom wing (just behind the aileron servo) and all was well.

Second jaunt to the park brought bliss! ROG take-off from the only suitable surface which happened to be the 3' wide walking path was very uneventful. Less than 1/5 throttle and this beauty took to flight in under 3 feet of roll-out! After a slight bit of trim she puttered around beautifully at less than 1/8 throttle. Although this is not intended to be a 3D bird it is nice to know it can harrier/hover at 1/4 throttle and exhibits unlimited vertical at 1/3 throttle! Way too much motor for this one but still very managable. Probably perfect for a 150%-175% up-scaled Little Go Bipe. Hmmmmmm...

One thing I will note is that MY particular build does require 100% hands-on and full attention while in the air. Typical for a plane of this design but probably more so in my case. I reason this due to the fact that I have a bit of reverse-dihedral in my lower wing causing a little inherent instability. I noticed this early on in the build but figured it would self-correct in the air. Well, not so with this weight model, just not enough mass in that fuse to counter it. With that noted I must admit it has no bad tendencies to speak of. Stalls are nice and predictable, tracks where you point it, and turns have no coupling that I can feel/see.

I was getting so comfortable with the new girl that I found it irresistable not to do slow inverted flybys. She looks great with those big wheels pointed towards the sky skooting by at under 2' and just over a walking level flight at that!

I was really attracted to this plane by the shapely lines of the wings and struts, now with the full fuse she has a pretty classic look to her in the air. Really glad I decided to avail myself of your generosity magic612! Looking forward to getting my little 20mm CD motor wound and picking up some small 2s1p batts in the near future for this one. Can only image how she will perform with 1oz or more shaved. The only problem I have now is the need for more motors and electronics as I have no intention of scavenging from this one any time soon!

Thanks again for the great little design. I'll be looking for your next creation as I've got a lot more of the blue stuff!

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