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Build Log

Well, as promised, here comes the Yardbird build thread. Please don't reply here and fill the thread with oooohhhs and aaaahhhs.... as flattering as they are, they only clog the actual build. If you want to post that kind of thing, please post it in the original Yardbird II thread. I'm not trying to quell anyone's enthusiasm, just trying to help those that are actually trying to get through the build. And, we're oficially dropping the "II" designation... it's just the Yardbird.

Not as promised, I will be starting with the wing. I tried to get going on the fuselage, first, but I just ain't built that way for some crazy reason. I had also decided to do the whole build, and then post it all at once. My job and the holidays are going to make this tough enough without trying to do that. Besides, if I do it this way, people will bug me enough to keep me working on getting through it.

Rule # 1.) If you add lots of beef, it will fly like a cow. I can't take credit for that. I saw it on the builders board today while watching it ice over...

Rule # 2.) Building is an art, and some basics will be addressed here. If you don't agree with my techniques, please argue on the other Yardbird thread, and remember that old free-flighters never die, they just smell that way...

Rule # 3.) Sanding 101 is a required subject. I'll discuss that a lot. Again, if you don't agree with my methods and techniques, please pee in my socks on the other Yardbird thread...

Rule # 4.) Whether you think you can build this, or you think you can't... you're right. If you expect exacting perfection, please build something else... I haven't walked on water and probably never will...

We'll begin with the outer panels to get warmed up for the other stuff... I know that AJ had some problems with flutter at super winch loads and we will be trying to address that as part of this build.

Here's a pic of an outboard panel just about complete.

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