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Hey I just finished putting in the 9 volt battery and lm7805.
I increased the ariel on the rx to 4.1 feet - this only give me about 12 feet. then cut it down to about 9 inches.
That definitely increased the range but not to 250 ft. It gets glitchy about 15 feet and then wrks fine fartrher out i would say 30 feet then get glitchy again. It's also glitchy straight in front of the model 5 feet away. It's a 57 mHZ radio. I just hooked the lm7805 like this - desoldered tx pin 9 / pulled through to top of board, soldered ground of vreg to ground of tx, soldered input of vreg to battery +, soldered output of vreg to pin 9 with jumper around board. For a heatsink I just used a bunch of solder between 2 componet blobs hooked to ground strip on back of board. I looked at the datasheet for the lm78xx and kind of got the idea I needed no additional components. I broke the antenna
wire while grinding. It lost about 3 millimeters of the antenna connector. Would that have anything to do with the glitching.
I also measured 6 volts on the output of the vreg just hooked up to battery. The battery was fresh so I figured this was ok. The vreg is one of the small ones from a hard drive. It doesent get hot. How could I get the 250 ft range? Did I do anything wrong?

Your site is great.

I just put the stock arial back on the rx and tested with an unmodified tx and the modified one. The modified one has about 1 more ft range than the unmodified one. I am only using 2 1.2 volt nicds in the rx. would that have anything to do with it?
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