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Stephan8 - Nice job! Looks great - wow, I must say I'm quite humbled that you liked my design enough to make it yourself.

I noticed that you cut some foam out of the wing supports (to save weight, I assume?). I've never used the pink (or blue) foam before - do you find that with the cuts, the wings still hold the airfoil shape sufficiently? The Depron I used really needed the entire wing support to be glued to the wing to keep it's shape - I'm just curious how the FFF works at holding it's shape with less surface area to adhere to on the supports.

Let me know how it flies for you when you get your radio / battery equipment. In the meantime, you can do some glide tests - CG You should be fine even at 5.75 oz, I would think. That'd be a wing ratio of 3.125 oz / square foot.

On another note, I found some cheapie $0.75 DC motors yesterday, and was thinking of making a version of this plane that's scaled down 70% - those little motors produce 15W of power, so I thought if I used 2mm Depron, I might be able to make a version as light as 3 oz or so, assuming I only used two servos in the 4 gram range (aileron and elevator only - no rudder), and do away with the landing gear, since it'd be so darn light. Plus, I'd be using a 3x3 prop (direct drive) on the motor anyway, so wouldn't need to worry about much prop clearance. AND, as if that weren't enough, I also got a new brushless motor last week, so I considered making a much larger version too.

Too many options, too little time!!!!
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