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Originally Posted by xtreme
the 4-in-1 control unit has been updated with improved gyro and tail control that gives the Blade CX2 even better tail response while minimizing drift.

Have you actually flown a CX2 ?? The drift is worse. And the response is slower. And IMO the servos are not as good as the originals. The motors have not been improved. They are the same. I like the CX with vortex motors 100 times better. The DSM is a nice option for the field where there are other people, but I don't think you need it for where you will be flying the bird. Which is mostly in your house.


I have about six hours of flight time on my BCX2.

I'm a hard core 3D plane lover with hundreds and hundreds of flight hours on my planes. Been flying rc planes for 32 years.

I don't see any big tail drift issues. If the tail was any more stable, I'd have nothing to do with my left hand except throttle control. This thing is a serious piece-o-cake to fly. Love it.

Appreciate the vortex motor info. I'll give em a try when needed.

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