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Aileron servo placement and pushrods

I struggled with this. I really did. I've tried several variations on where to put the darn aileron servo, and this is, I think, the best placement. My first design, I double-sided taped it to the bottom of the fuse-spar, which forced it to stick through the lower wing, exposing not only the servo arm, but the pushrods, etc., to the "elements of the ground". I didn't like that too much, especially for 5 gram servos.

Next, I placed it up on top, similar to what I've done with the present design, but the wing stabilizer supports were as short as possible, and the tail / elevator servos were back behind the receiver and aileron servo. This made balancing the plane challenging, since two servos were relatively far back.

Which leaves me with present placement. It's probably the best spot, though it has it's drawbacks, but they aren't horribly objectionable. First, make sure that the servo arm for the ailerons is in a centered position BEFORE placing the wing structure over the fuse. So, turn on your radio system, connect a battery, and center it as much as possible now. Next, attach the pushrods to the servo arm - I really like the Dubro E/Z links. They give a good solid connection to the servo arm, and since this servo is in a hard-to-reach spot when the wing is on, one needn't mess with this connections once they're in place. I didn't bend my pushrods at a full 90 degrees, more like about 70 degrees (or should I say 110 degrees, since it's an obtuse angle?) for easier pushrod movement on the arm.

Now, put the wing on, attaching it with the rubber bands as described previously. I drew light lines on my lower wing so I can instantly see if it's centered with the wing stabilizer. To attach the pushrods to the wings, I use Dubro Micro Horns and the Mini E/Z Connectors. Reason being, when the wing is on, it's not easy to mess with the connectors. By using the EZ Connectors, and most importantly, FACING THE SCREW HEAD TOWARDS THE OUTSIDE OF THE WING ON EACH SIDE, it makes it snap to slide the pushrods into the connectors, and adjust them with ease.

See the pictures here for some closeups.
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