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Originally Posted by xtreme
Don't feel bad guys
I picked up my CX2 and I'm very dissapointed with the quality control. Mine came out of the box with a bent inner & outer shafts, servo arms that looked like pretzels & such a bad yaw that it is unflyable. Horizon has sent me the new shafts & horns but I have to send in the 4n1 to get a new one. I don't like the new servos either, they are very noisy.. So it won't be long before I have to replace them. The old saying goes don't ever buy the first production year of a new style of car, So I guess that also applies to toys also..

Just my 3 cents

Bummer! I hate to see posts like this. I hope you'll get it all sorted out ASAP! On the otherside of the coin, some come as advertised out-of-the-box! I got lucky today, read on:
I ain't nuts, just got a bad case of heli fever; picked up another CX2 at the LHS this morning. OK, now.........after reading some of these horror stories, I have finally come to the conclusion that it's all in the luck of the draw. When I entered the store, an old guy was arguing with the owner about not being able to fly his brand new CX2. He took it in the back room to show flew, but dang, talk about tail twitch and toilet bowl! Not too bad mind you, but bad enough to turn a guy off! This guy knew his stuff, owns a Blade CPP and just wanted some indoor winter fun but was unable to correct these issues. Bad servo(s), bad 4in1? The owner is going to tear into it and check it out for him.
So.....gulp, on with my story, on the display shelf out front were 6 BCX2 boxes. I looked a long time before reaching towards the back and picking one, hoping for the best. Upon inspection before I left the store, it looked OK. The first thing I look for are any visual cracks or damage to the body and a free bouncing flybar is a must, check! Took her home, charged up the battery, got all my tools out fully prepared to make gain and/or proportional pot adjustments, like I had to do with CX2 number one before it behaved up my expectations. I was completely blown away when I spooled her up in the garage.........absolutely NO tail twitch and upon completion of a full pack, just very minor Tx trim adjustments to control an almost non existent tail drift (just like they advertise)............and perfect hover, all straight out-of-the-box! So guys, don't shrug off even minor problems, make whomever you bought from honor the warranty until you're completely satisfied! These little red beauties do work properly when everything is right! GOOD LUCK!!
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