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Effect of adding buoyancy to keel?

I was reading another thread and part of the discussion was the "Effect of adding buoyancy to keel". It was suggested that by making the keel more buoyant, the boat would tend to tilt more, if it already had a tilt.

I had never considered that, and now am not sure if I want to plug my keel ballast holes with styro, wood or at all. Even if I tape over them (to reduce drag) I would have air pockets (I could poke a pin hole to allow them to fill with water, but that would not help make the ship ride higher in the water, which is what I am also looking to do).

My question doing anything to add buoyancy to the keel ballast such as filling the 1/2" holes I drilled in it with a buoyant material, would my ship tend to try to roll over? My first thought is yes?

Any experience or expertise here is most definitely solicited.


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