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1)I did the binding with the binding plug.

2)The transmitter was properly synced to the 4-1 box.

3)From time to time the transmitter just seems to completely lose sync with the box.

4)The pitch servo locks up so that the heli goes backward and the servo arm remains all the way in the down position.

5) I was able to fly the heli around for a bit with no problems and I thought everything is ok for a little while, but then it locked up on me again in mid flight. Luckily, I was not too far off of the ground when it locked up and I just cut the throttle and nothing bad happened to the chopper.

I'm going to call Horizon tomorrow and ask for a replacement. I'm assuming that I got a dud because I have never seen anything like this happen before in all of my years of RC flight.

The chopper does look really cool while it's in the air, and I can't wait to get a good working heli.

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