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My CX2.....

I’m going to attempt to list my own personal experiences and tweaks on this thread pertaining to my new CX2 that I have now had for 8 days. Most of this is redundant and old news for most you guys, but if it can help prevent a noob from becoming discouraged and frustrated with his new hobby, I’ll consider it worthwhile.
OK….out of the box my CX2 hovered somewhat nicely, but not up to my expectations, based on all the positive hoopla as advertised I expected better. Compared to my fine tuned/trimmed CX, I knew I had my work cut out for me:
1. Response seemed not quit as good as the CX, so I moved the pushrod linkage out one hole, problem solved.
2. The gyro gain, in my opinion, was set too high from the factory, resulting in a rather twitchy tail. Backed it off a bit, problem solved. (it took a few adjustments to find that “sweet spot”).
3. After the end of each pack (three for comparison), I noticed that I had the Tx rudder trim pushed all the way to the right to compensate for left nose drift. A slight clockwise adjustment of the proportional pot solved the problem. I figure I have it adjusted correctly when slight right and/or left nose drift during flight can be adjusted from the Tx rudder trim, resulting in the trim being somewhat pushed back to the neutral position by flight end.
4. I was also getting a very slight toilet bowl effect, some noobies wouldn’t even notice, but me, well, that’s another story. Anyway, first I checked the flybar to make sure it was straight, it was. Then I made sure the upper blade tracking was good, it was. I then very lightly lubricated the flybar ball linkage with Teflon based oil so that the flybar moves up and down a couple times when I flick it lightly with my finger, all good (note: I always remove that flybar holder screw, sometimes saves that inner shaft hub from breaking in the event of a crash). But after doing all that, I still had the toilet bowl issue!? Ah ha, found the problem! Even though the top blades were both marked with a little “1” as installed at the factory, when I removed them I found them to be WAY out of balance. I have many spares and found two that were balanced to one another. Toilet bowl gone, now hovers perfectly!
I hope others will add their personal observations and subsequent fixes to this thread as time goes on. I have only been in this hobby a few months but without the invaluable information contained in this forum, I know I would have soon moved on to other things.
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