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I used the most elementary of tools -- Microsoft Word -- to redraw the T1 plans way back when I was first trying to build one; I think that I captured most of what was in the original design, but I did it in a way that made it easier for me to read :-), and included a few minor changes. I'm gonna attach these to this reply for others to look at.

These plans have the charm that you can (on many machines) print them scaled up by any amount you like; since the background 1"-square pattern is there, you can get a pretty good idea of the amount of scale you've gotten as a consequence of your computer, the printing dialog, and whatever wacky stuff your printer might do, etc.

I didn't include the "fillet" for stiffening the tailfeathers; otherwise it is pretyt much the same design, except for a few extra skewers (which is why I called the document "Satay One" :-) )

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