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Rudder and horz. stab servos, wing stabilizer assembly

The wing stabilizer assembly is a key component of this design. It keeps the fuselage in the proper orientation relative to the main wings, as well as forcing the entire plane to roll when ailerons are applied. Without it, the design falls apart. Plus, with the rubber bands underneath the plane, it allows for more forgiveness under landings that are less than ideal.

First, make a mark on the fuselage 4.937" from the tip. This is where the wing stabilizer supports will be glued. Before gluing them, determine where your servoes will be placed underneath the fuse, based on their size. I tried to allow space for most any 5-6 gram servo. Placement is not critical - just be sure to leave enough space in front of and behind them, so that the stabilizer supports will have sufficient strength when attached to the wing stabilizer surface. Cut stabilizer supports to allow for servos as needed.

Use double sided adhesive tape to attach the servos - one facing one way, the other the opposite direction - effectively "nesting" them together. I taped my two servos together with clear tape, going completely around them, before attaching them to the fuse and the double sided tape, for strength.

Next, epoxy the wing stabilizer supports to the fuselage - the front edge of the supports should be glued 4.937" back from the tip of the fuselage spar, and the tops of the supports should be flush with the top of the fuse. Then, center the wing stabilizer underneath the supports, and epoxy it in place.
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