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Wings, and wing supports

Well, I discovered that bending the Depron to the desired airfoil shape was not quite as easy as I had hoped (and it was nearly impossible with the Cellfoam 88). The Cellfoam kept breaking when I tried modifying my old plane to this new shape, and when I was working with the Depron, I realized that I was trying to bend it "across the grain".

So - word of caution: GO SLOWLY. Bend the foam a little at a time, working from the edge, all the way across the wing. Then bend it about .75-1.0" further up, again, moving across the entire wing span. Continue this so that the whole wing is "flexed" with a start to a basic airfoil curve.

Next, the leading edge will likely require some additional curve, as the front 40% of the airfoil is a tighter radius curve than the remainging 60%. Try to match the wing's airfoil to that of the plan's side view as best as possible. The wing supports will help the wing keep it's shape, but it is important to bend the foam to get as close to it as possible FIRST.

Mark the location for the wing supports, making sure they are square with the leading edge. Epoxy them to the lower wing, then while the epoxy is curing, start bending the upper wing for it's shape.
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