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I finished with my modifications on Sunday morning.

GWS direct drive
GWS rx
HS-55 servos - rudder/elavator
stock prop (attached as suggested by Mike B)

I took three battery packs:
9 volt Radio Shack high capacity Nicad.
6x50 cell pack
6x110 cell pack

I lightened up the 9 volt by removing the metal casing, which was good for more than 5 grams, but when I did a test run on the motor, I found no power.

For my test flight, I tried the 6x110 cell pack. I threw the plane with full throttle and it spiraled down and hit hard, cracking the body just behind the wing. A little foam CA glue fixed that.

It was pretty clear that weight was a problem, so I switched to the 6x50 pack. This was better, but the plane still did not seem to have enough thrust for its weight.

I am going to checkout my speed control and cells to see if there is anything wrong here. I will report back.

Otherwise, I can't figure out how this can fly on 6 cells. Perhaps at 109 grams this thrust is enough. At 129 my viper is an aerodynamic brick.

Question for Frankenfoamy: How did you get 109 grams? Using the HS-50 instead of HS-55 will save me maybe 6 grams total. What else can I do? My only other thoughts are to trim every electrical wire in the plane to bare minimum length and to lighten the control rods, but I can't imagine that that is worth another 14 grams.

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