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OK - have the rudder and elevator hinged and the control horns installed (donor parts from an old LiteStik). The motor and prop are installed in one half of the fuse with probond. This allows the fuselage halves to be easily seperated for changes.

I also have an 8 cell pack built up and static runs the GWS motor just gets warm - not hot, so I can't believe the current is very high. I still intend to measure it one day

I will keep the stock switch and charge receptacle. I simply removed the battery that was attached to the circuit board and will re-attach the battery pack wires and ESC wires to it. It will remain functional - switch in one direction and it can be charged - switch in the other direction and the ESC and receiver are powered.

The servos go in this weekend - CS-10BB. I plan to mount them inside the tail with only the tip of the control arm protruding for R/E control.

I'll add a bit of tape to the bottom of the wing to keep the flex down as it's going to be a littl mor loaded than the designers intended. I'm pretty optimistic about this one though....if my feather receiver does not glitch on me.

If the weather holds out I will do my test flights on Sunday or early next week.

Thanks for all the info so far!

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