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got some more flights in..

I moved my esc back a few inches and glued down my battery - elevator is now neutral. I mixed in a 30% rudder on ailerons which makes turns a single action, but also makes take off a little hairy unless I just punch it. I think I'll probably take most of the rudder mix back out.

I practiced a bunch of landings to get used to it, including one on the lawn. I nosed over the first 4, but finally got used to it and could set it down neatly in the street. I guess my worries about the landing gear are unfounded unless I really crash it in.

Inverted is pretty good with a bit of elevator, but rolls are still mighty slow. Trying to practice some elevator in rolls, then will add rudder, but still not confident unless I have lots of altitude..

Anywho, it sure is a nice little flyer for cruising around, though it doesn't seem to like the wind much.

Looks like the 400xt is more than enough motor and generally I didn't fly over 1/2 throttle (didn't look scale faster). It could probably fly fine on 2S.

Well back to the charger to see how its coming

** edit **
Did about 10 more landings, about 50% of which nosed over Doh!
But, I did determine that I can land it in my driveway which is how I liked to do it with my slowstick (which this replaces). I'm also wearing the wingtips off rubbing on the rough pavement.. going to have to put some plastic rub blocks on there.
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