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David Smith
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Re: What's a good R/C helicopter kit for a newbie ???

"TJM" <> wrote in message
> The Hawk Sport does seem like a good beginner helicopter, and great price

> match! Are gas-powered helis the best for beginners? I would think
> electric-powered helis are lower maintenance machines, although the gas
> models provide more realism. Whats the main differences between gas &
> electric powered helis?
> Thanks.....TJM

electric power tend to be easily broken, as the parts have to be light to
counter the low power output and hevay batteries. Unlöess you spend a LOT of
mioney on a decent motor & speed controller, the flight times are usually
pretty short, too. With a glow engine, running methanol/nitro & oil, you can
fly for 10 to 15 minutes, land, refuel and do it again..and again...

Dave S, Kuusankoski, Finland.

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