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Originally Posted by goflyhighrc
I am new to sailplanes.Can someone tell me how the v-tail works, as I am used to elevator and rudder on small electric planes. All I have flow so far on sailplanes is the Multi Plex Easyglider and looking to move up to the Magellan by Icare.
To visualize how the two surfaces on a vee tail work as a rudder, stand behind the model and imagine the two surfaces folded together until they are vertical. Now, for rudder command for left turn, both surfaces move to the left. For right turn, they both move to the right. For elevator commands, imagine both surfaces laid out flat. For up elevator, both surfaces move up, for down elevator, they move down together. To get the proper movement of your servos will require mixing, either mechanical or electronic. Most all modern transmitters will mix vee tail if it does any mixing at all or you can buy add-on mixers that go between your receiver and servos to do the mixing if you don't have a mix-capable transmitter.
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