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September Fury with OBL

I'm also flying one of these. I built it with the fixed gear and stock motor, E-flite 20 amp speed control, and TP 1320 battery.

It was one of the nicer builds I've done, all of the pieces, tail, wing, fuse halves, hardware, holes all lined up perfectly and completed, it looks great. Mine came out right about 16.5 oz. The spinner took a little time to cut out and fit to the props, but it flies great on the stock motor with the four bladed prop.

The decals make it look great, only the wheel collars had to be replaced, they were aluminum and didn't hold well.

I have to hand launch, and wheel land, the wheels and stance are such that I can't rog without it torquing(since no steerable tail wheel), my eflite P-47 has a much wider stance and tracks straight ahead. Hand launching is no problem, the four bladed prop has a LOT of pull.

It lands very slowly and looks great, roll rate is quite good and it penetrates quite well. Compared to my world models Voodoo racer, which is a bit heavier but has a slower top speed, this has a good scale speed.

On the negative side, I didn't trust the strengths of the foam surface for hinging the surfaces, so I cut them completely clean for the elevator and ailerons, and then used tape on top and bottom to create the hinge, this works great.

The paint on the foam surface is quite thin and the surface is soft, so you have to be really careful when handling the plane, or you will get little dings and while blotches where the foam shows through, but a red permanent marker works for touch-ups. Decals cover a lot of the body so that isn't a problem.

I think both the world models voodoo and the september fury with obl's are a great value, and look great, the voodoo is all wood and uses normal covering so finish is a bit more durable, the fury is a bit lighter and in my opinion looks faster in the air and has a better roll rate given the aileron size and deflection available. I would remove the folding prop on the voodoo, it crushed the fragile cowl when my speed control shut down and I went into tall grass with the motor still turning, the mustang is clean enough you don't really need the folding prop to make a clean landing configuration. The fury cowl is a bit more robust(tougher plastic).

The fury looks great on landing with the gear, four bladed prop and big spinner, very realistic. I would think since the bearcat is a similar size and if they sell it with an obl that would be another great flier.

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