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The XYZGroup must be installed in their default positions.
Clearview will determine whether the surfaces move from X to Y coordinates or vice versa, based on their names.

If these groups are recognised by Clearview, they will be made invisible. No need to make them transparent which still created shadows anyway.

I had succeeded in creating an all moving tail elevons.

Initailly failed to cut surfaces but just by selecting all vertices and operating the P key, i.e. separate, "all loose surfaces", it managed to detach the elevators from its body.

The parts are almost all there to make crashed and stress damage simulations to Clearview. If the Gs are too high, the wings and control surfaces can detach.

Although they are not of high priority, it is nice to know that it can be implemented rather easily by Clearview that already has the basic infrastructure.

I'm testing a few editors and string searchers, that can take out Blender's automatically appended .00? extensions to similar names.

Crimson Editor with its regular expression search looks promising.
InfoRapid search and replace, is even more impressive. It allows searches through files, that even gnu grep and Windows search, failed.

I may not have time to polish this manual. Busy creating models. With such ease in drawing and modifying models, more people should be able to create their own 3D models. With free blender, there is little excuse not to do so.
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