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Adam, if he's got to 10A with large cell count, he knows about "revers" mode ;-)

You probably need to explain a bit more some terms to those who do not have a Pulsar at home...
"Fast" charging in Pulsar language is charging all the way CC and then pulsing current, not completing CV. Less time, less mAh in, a bit overvoltage (they say "ok" for lipos, I do not totally agree).
"Normal" is just that, CC+CV charging. I am doing my A123 this way, 3C (6'9A), everything perfect this week end (7 and 10s packs).
The manual also advises to use "reflex ON" on Lipo and LiPh (A123 or saphion) cells. YES it says so, and yes for those of you who do not remember from old times or are not so old "reflex" is doing negative (discharging) high current pulses. After asking they confirmed me this, I am still working at it to see...

I have to say anyway that I am VERY highly impressed with this unit, specially for NiX. The best charger I saw or own, and believe me I owned and try quite a few, if not most of them.

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