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Originally Posted by herk1
SWR - Have you flown the 182 yet? I would be interested to know how it holds up; I have been considering it too.
I have not had a good day yet too windy. AND I am also adding some things to it. I ordered a Lipoly and will need to modify the battery compartment. I think it is very under powered. I also ordered a Brushless setup that I will fit sooner or later.

This is my first foam plane and I am using it as my foamie experimenter. My Learn everything about Foamies Plane. Glues, etc. I am experimenting with paints also.

Being an enginneer we are never happy with other peoples work. Examples:

1) Removed cowl and made access panel in foam to battery area underneath canopy

2) Checked ALL servos for Center and adjusted control Rods. This is more difficult than it looks because the whole fuse of the model is double sided taped together, there is an access panel hidden in the tail and the fuse is 2 parts top and bottom. When left sitting with the wings on and struts connected the pressue of the struts on the wing tends to separate the front top from the bottom. No damage but the tape separates.

3) Added rawl plugs to undercarriage and strut mounts. 1/2" self tappers and 1/16" blasa does not mix well.

4) Learning about Paints and foam. Slowly removing the stock delals as they are very sad really and painting the stripes and letters on with Acrylic or Latex Paints.

5) The wings are very flimsy and will break very quickly if the tips touch the ground on landing, so I am going to remove the lower foam panels on the wings that provides very little support and replace them with balsa sheet. The weight addition is extremely minimal if any and the strength will be quadroupled.

The Model is a great deal as a play starter for $79. I would not pay more for it.


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