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Originally Posted by mrbisset
If I want a 10s A123 pack, can't I just used the dewalt charger to charge my pack? It balances the cells and I am told there is no fuse inside.
Here is how I've made up my 10s packs utilizing the stock DeWalt pack connections and charger. No problems with that fusable link drawing 65 amp peaks. I leave the cells in the plastic end caps with the balancing connections in tact. I then solder on leads with a Deans connector, cover with heatshrink, then very carfully cut out the openings in the heat shrink(be careful or you'll be doing some welding) for the balancing connectors to plug into. Then solder a mating Deans connector on the charging module. The Dewalt module gets piggy backed on the pack and then placed in the charger.

Make sure you connect the balancing plugs first, and disconnect them last. I found out that reversing the process will take out the electronics module. Also take the pack off the charger before making the connections.

I cover the balance connections with tape while not charging. If something metel gets in there it could be ugly

The whole pack weighs just over 1.5 lbs without the case and electronics module.

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