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Originally Posted by mode1
I liked the older shop the best. As stated, it was small and cramped. But the staff was friendly (including the owner) and there was always a something new and a bargain to be had.
I purchased my first JR radio there. Went in to buy a top of the line Kraft. I had been using Kraft for years but the quality was slipping. Ron talked me into purchasing the then new Jr even though the transmitter looked kind of Buck Rogers. I used that radio at many pattern contest with never a glitch. And all the switchs! wowed me. Still have it plus all the new JR stuff.

But after the move to the 'modern' building Ron and some of the staff were sometimes hard to talk with. Perhaps because they were fairly heavy into their catalog sales. Whatever.
They did always have the Mack's headers and Atorie (Sp?) pipes I wanted. Then they quit stocking many of the products I used. And the air in that city burned my eyes. I quit taking the long drive and found a large well stocked hobby shop in Sacramento.

I have not found a good hobby shop near my new location. So lots of mail-order.

Yes, I also have fond memories of the old Sheldons.
Hey, they've been pretty friendly lately - at least when I go in there on the weekends. I haven't seen any grouchy old farts behind the counter in over a year.
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