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Well it arrived today.... Yippee. And you know what? It is not as bad as I thought it might be.

It took me about an hour to build it (Put it together). The battery is currently (excuse the pun) on charge. It is a 9 cell AA NiMH 650ma Pack.

There was no damage at all. It is very well packed and quite a solid little model overall. Especially once you get the wing struts on. I had to bend the undercarriage a little to get it straight but nothing major.

The detailing is not so hot, but that will come off eventually and if it is still in one piece I will paint it and replace the foam underwing sections with blasa sheet. Actually it looks petty good hanging from the ceiling.

No Glue needed really (Although they recommend Gluing the wings together), trial an error on the rudder and elevator servo connectors but no biggie. CG is 1/3 wing area back, but it is pretty close out of the box. I called HL and asked they were VERY helpful.

Both the wing servos are glued in with a clear flexible compound, anyone know what it is? It is not silicone in fact it is a little more pliable than silicone and soft to a prod with a screw driver. It is a clear caulk of some kind but who knows what?

Anyway it is well worth the money I think especially if it flies! And it is still on sale.

I have to say the props are a lot more to be desired. They give you 3 of them all 3 are pretty poor. I will most likely replace them.

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