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Originally Posted by The L
Nope, I don't have that one, however I have one that looks just like it, has the same battery hatch, same almost-but-not-quite scale landing gear, etc. The prop that came with mine was a 7x4.

I have a feeling the one on Hobby-Lobby's site is just a rebrand of the one I have.

You could use Dual Rates, that would probably be safer than just moving the control stick less than you expect to need.

An 8x4 prop with a 1700kv motor on an 11.1v lipo would definitely be enough for a 16 oz model. I stuck a BP21 CD-ROM brushless motor (I think it's about 1500kv) with an 8.4v NiMH battery on mine. After crashing for having the CG too far back I fixed it (the damage was minimal, but I broke the prop). It climbed well at full throttle and had a decent amount of speed. I'm going to guesstimate about 40 mph straight level flight. If you flew 20 years ago you were probably flying glow planes so I don't know what "fast" is for those, but for an electric park flyer 40 mph is more than enough. It climbed quite well too.

I don't know of a formula for selecting one. The prop pitch speed should be about how fast your model will fly, minus a few mph because your airframe isn't 100% efficient. You can generally climb vertically or at a very steep angle if you have at least 1.2x the thrust of your weight.
The HL Cessna is 28oz not 16.

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