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Originally Posted by The L
If they haven't shipped it yet ask them to also include an extra 10 props.

Don't ROG for your first flights. Use extremely small control inputs... much smaller than you would in the sim. Once you get the feel for the plane and it's at 100-200 feet then you can actually fly it.

A BPHobbies 21 CD-ROM motor will with an 11.1v battery and an 8x4 prop will give you a good amount of thrust and speed. Mounting it is going to be a pain though.
Are you saying adjust the throws less that what it is shipped, maybe I should use a 50% Dual Rate on my radio for the Ailerons and elevator?

Thanks for all the great advice. Do you have one?

What are the props on the plane? Anyone Know? The stock ones are probably cheap c#@p, so I may buy some better props.

How do I go about selecting a Brushless motor that can handle the plane at 3/4 throttle or less? Is there a general formula for selecting one?

Such as: Model Weight x 1.5 = Brushless Thrust. I am sure an 8x4 prop would be ample with about 1700 odd KV. Can someone suggest a general motor type as opposed to a specific motor?

Queston, questions, questions and I only ordered it today.

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