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Mounting the fuselage was a pain. It would have been easier to glue it on and seal up the bottom hole to the rc gear, then cut a hole on top, But I figured I'd just build it the way the Wild Wing came, w/out too many mods, so it'd be easier for beginners to build. What I did, was fit up the fuselage and canopy tight to the wing, then glued the canopy with 5min epoxy to the fuse with the wing in the midddle, so it held the right shape. The I put a dowel in the center tip of the wing and into the fuselage to center the wing. Next I used the supplied velcro, to fasten the rear of the fuselage to the wing.
I took it out and flew it again to check everything. But when I launched it upward, it went stright into the ground, no damage, EPP! Upon inspection, I had plugged the motor in backwards. So I launched it again and it flew great.
Heres a pic, I haven't finnished everything yet, but its close.
If any of you local members are in the area, stop by and give it a try!!
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