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Originally Posted by Gerry Markgraf

Congrats on a successful first flight. It looked great in the pictures.


I just noticed your post that pointed out my use of D VIII instead of D VII. I could claim it was a simple typo, except I did it every time. I can assure you that I know the difference, so the only possible explaination is a defective keyboard. I will take the current keyboard out, smash it and replace it with a new one. Hopefully, that will correct the problem. My first builtup model (at age 8 back in 1951) was a Comet dime scale Fokker D VII. I wish I had a picture of that plane when it was finished. I now have an Aerodrome kit and a Dare kit awaiting build, but I went out and bought the Electrifly D VII as well. I used the rational that it will help me learn to fly the D VII so that I will be ready to fly the kit built airplanes when I finish them. Another possible (but not likely) explaination is that I am lazy and want the instant gratification of owning a beautiful WW I model with very little effort on my part. I wish that brown truck would hurry up and arrive.


No prob with the DVIII and DVII Thought maybe I was missing something. I have a Eflight coming and already have a Sig DVII with no ailerons and very little diehedral it takes a country mile to turn it around. Bank it hard and your really in do do.

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