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Many thanks to Jose Bruzual for giving me this unique opportunity. What follows will be a build thread for the initial hand-cut prototype of the Apogee Sport, followed by a build of the laser cut kit version. There could be a third prototype, but that will depend on how well things go on these first two versions. Frankly, it is because things have gone so well to date that Jose decided to go public early with the Apogee Sport.

Also, we are sharing this information in the hope that some of you will find the prototype process interesting. There is more and more interest being shown in micro-DLG’s, and we feel that many of you will be interested in a high-performance DLG that does not require advanced composite techniques to build. The Apogee Sport is a very traditional build with a balsa pod and a built-up D-Box wing. The finished model is also much sleeker than the drawings that Jose posted, since those CAD drawings are "before sanding".

I not only volunteered to do the prototype builds, I am also writing the assembly manual for the Apogee Sport. Much of the draft work I have done on the assembly manual will in fact appear in this thread. In this regard, I am most interested in suggestions for better ways to do things. We really want the Apogee Sport to be an easy build.

Let me say up front, some of the early posts in this thread will be historical. At this point, the pod and tail surfaces are essentially finished on my first prototype, and I just started cutting out the wing parts today. I am a relatively slow builder, so I really need to stay a bit ahead of my posts anyway, but I expect to be posting real time within a week or so. Please don’t let that dissuade any of you from posting comments and suggestions now. This is a prototype build, and your suggestions on the assembly process will be folded into the next build.

Just for the record, I am not a paid employee of ECM. Everything I am doing here is on a volunteer basis, just for the personal satisfaction. I am told that there are similar positions available throughout this industry.

The first build post will follow shortly.

Jack Stephens
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